Asics Gel Kayano 16

This had to be one of my comeback posts because as a marathoner, I was beyond pleased to finally see John in some good quality running/workout shoes - assuming he was working out?
I don't know if they were chosen for style, quality, or both, but I'm going to give Mayer the benefit of the doubt and guess that he was smart enough to know of the quality of Asics relative to working out.
In my opinion, if you're not a minimalist runner, Asics are the best quality running/workout shoes one can buy. I've worked out, ran, and still train in nothing other than Asics and they've treated my feet very well over the years. This includes a Boston Marathon. The Nimbus work for my feet best. The Kayano are one of the top of the line Asics, though are not rare, and can probably be purchased somewhere online, or at your local running store for somewhere in the range $140.

A Message To You Rudie - Wtaps T-Shirt

Spotted on the 2010 Summer Tour - Jones Beach during the US Stream behind the scenes backstage video, soundcheck, and the Ben & Jerry's ice cream truck surprise sampling. Leave it to John Mayer to wear a near $90 t-shirt, which can be purchased here.


Shoe Updates Coming Soon

To get past any stereotypes that may be out there, I'm a female. A girl that loves John Mayer and his music. A close second comes his shoes. They always say you can tell alot about a person by their shoes.
Since I can remember, I've always had a fascination with sneakers. Don't ask me why -it's just an interest of mine.
I must confess that not only am I a young woman who loves John's sneakers, I'm also a mother as of February 14th, 2010. Above is my new love, my daughter, Kinsey. So, please excuse my lack of updates. Pretty soon, I'll be getting back to John's shoes.
Stay tuned,
Sneaker Loving Mom