Nike Court Force Hi - Lux

Per fan request, the above pictures were submitted for a shoe identification. Spotted are the Nike Court Force High - Lux edition. Nike made these in two different colors - black and gray. These can be purchased at Amazon for $81.99.


Nike Court Force Hi Basic - Infrared Inspired - Air Max 90

Spotted many times in 2008 are the Nike Court Force Hi Basic - Grey/Orange. These are some of the more less rare shoes that JM has worn. In fact, one can purchase them for $78 at the Nike Online Store.
The Nike Court Force, circa 1987, is one of Nike's earlier basketball shoes. It has all the history of its more famous cousin, the Air Force One, but with 1/2 the hype. This retro style is continuously updated in low and high versions with a variety of colors and materials and seems to be a favorite for designers and customizers everywhere.


Visvim Kiefer Hi Patala

Worn with, of course, an Armani suit. These are from Visvim's Summer 2008 collection. A Keifer that is made solely by Visvim and exclusive of collaboration. This is the only picture I've seen JM wear these. Wonder what he does with these "rarely worn" shoes?


Nike Air Max 90 Shagmeister

These are a pair that are part of a Air Max '90 Quickstrike Shagmeister Pack. These shoes are specifically named Nike Air Max '90 Quickstrike ACG Shagmeister Reed. More details at kicksonfire.
Other known accessories:
Cell phone - Blackberry Bold
Sunglasses - Mosley Tribe Enforcer

Over the Stripes - Mastermind Collab

I first saw these during at Nokia, 12/09 "On His Own Concert." At first glance, these look like a basic pair of Converse. However, if you look closely at the details of these shoes, they're definitely not Converse and he's definitely been wearing them long before 12/09.

After some research, these are at the least made by "Over the Stripes." This a brand from Japan founded in 1996. I can't tell if they're a collaboration with any other designer. As you can tell JM's OTS are not the same OTS as posted in the above Mastermind Japan x OTS picture. They just look most similar to the "Mastermind Japan x OTS" sneakers described here. Yet, after a careful review of many pictures wherin JM has on these shoes, it's visible that his are white with either black/navy trim and a white "Over the Stripes" label on the back of the shoe. I've spotted this shoe in rotation quite frequently lately.